Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's still dark outside ...

One drawback to Shannon working out in the morning is that, very often, the sound of her leaving will wake Max up. As you know, getting up early is difficult enough for me and the extra 45 minutes after Shannon leaves are important. I mean, that is equal to 5 snooze buttons!

This morning I thought I would try something different to coax my child back to sleep. I turned off all of the lights so the entire house was nice and dim. I creeped slowly and quietly to his room. I gently picked up my son and with one arm free, felt around his crib for his pacifier and badeet. ("Badeet" is what he calls his little blanket.) He was barely awake and laid his little head on my shoulder. I tip-toed down the hall towards my bedroom. When we were almost to my door, he lifted his head and said, “dark DaDa”. I whispered, “yes Son.” And then said, “shhhhhh”.

I gently put him on the bed and then laid down next to him. His head was nestled in the crook of my arm. His eyes were open but his breathing was slow and soft. There was a tiny squeak coming from his pacifier. I was sure that if I stayed still and quiet he would drift back to sleep.

There was a chill in the room so I reached down and pulled the covers up to his waist. Just as I did Max’s eyes opened wide, he pulled the paci from his mouth, turned his head to look at me and said loudly, “Where did Max’s feet go?”

I pulled back the covers to 
reveal his lower half. Just then, his little legs shot up into the air and he cackled pointing at his bare feet. He put his legs down and then pulled the blanket up himself. Once again he said excitedly, “Where did Max’s feet go?” Then he kicked off the covers and laughed again.

This game continued for a few minutes until I finally said “How would you like some breakfast?” “Down please!” was his response. I put him on the floor beside the bed. “Nana!” he yelled, short for banana, as he ran down the hall towards the kitchen.

I sat on the edge of the bed and rubbed my eyes. Then I made my way to the kitchen. As I flipped on the light, there stood my son in his bugs and frogs jammies, smiling from ear to ear. Early or not, I wouldn’t trade this time with him for all the money in the world.


Anonymous said...

That is BEAUTIFUL! My favorite story so far! Love it. Reminds me of when we moved to Vero when Aaron had just turned 2. He kept walking around saying, "Who's house dis is?" I'd say, "It's our new house." and he'd say, "Where's my stuff?!" I'm pretty sure we repeated that 100 times in 10 days till the moving truck arrived with "his stuff"! Thanks, Dan for helping me relive those incredible memories and experiencing my nephew at the same time! You're an incredible Dadda and a pretty sweet brother, too. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Dan, they always seem to find a way to get you. Your idea became a fun little game! I have got to get home soon. I miss eveyone so much and can't wait to see how Max has grown. Love Aunt Donna

Anonymous said...

Is he not the most clever little child! His joy in living is so contagious...who wants to sleep when there's so much to explore and celebrate?!!!

Very wise of you to recognize these special times and savor them. They pass too quickly, just ask a grandmother.

Anonymous said...

lol That is too cute. I think even I, being one who is at her worst in the mornings, would have had to laugh. I'm sure it's those precious moments like those that make you love them even more and grateful for the fact that they are in your life.